Origin: Brazil
July 13, 2018

Origin: Brazil

Such a wonderful, educational, sensory, and welcoming experience.  Jose Maria’s dedication to excellence in coffee is inspiring, the cleanliness of the mills, the patios, the traceability of; varietal, farm, and processes from export to import, the inclusion of raised beds, the genuine interest in including roasters and their interests to produce a higher quality coffee, and the ingenuity and desire to experiment and question where coffee can go in the future is again, inspiring.  I was so honored to have the opportunity to visit Jose Maria, Ronaldo, and family at their estate in Campos Altos in the state of Minas Gerais last week.  We have been purchasing coffee from them for the last 1 1/2 years or so now. Not only for the quality they produce but for their involvement in the community they come from, which is very important to us.  After visiting them I realized how deep their roots do grow.  Not only has Jose Maria given back to his community by building and co-founding an old folk/convalescence home, starting a school program for children in the town of Campos Altos ultimately teaching computer science, he has also built a beautiful office space, warehouse spaces, and dry mill for the neighboring farms, to assist them with their storage and export to help build their own ability to financially grow and support their families.  Touring their farms, their patios, their wet and dry mills, their quality control and cupping labs, all were immaculate.  Some of my favorite parts were the horse back ride through the farms to a beautiful vista of Fazendas Serrinha and Santa Luzia, raking the drying coffee on the patios and cupping excellent 88+ point coffees that are really pushing the boundaries of what to expect from Brazilian coffee. I felt like part of the family with meals throughout the day and evening doses of Cachaca and Eisenbahn Lager, ultimately the whole trip was a dream come true, it was the fulfillment of why we set out on this journey at Totem and inspired us to continue on our path. We are so pleased to partner with Jose Maria, Ronaldo, and Our Coffees Brazil and look forward to maintaining our relationship of directly sourcing coffee and friendships with them.

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