Exciting New Developments
January 3, 2017

Hello Friends,

We just wanted to update you all on some exciting new developments with the new year.

#1- We are proud to announce we just purchased our first green coffee directly from the producers themselves.  That’s not to say that the coffee “traders” and importers we use now aren’t doing a great job themselves at purchasing directly and sourcing the coffee we’re getting from them ethically, but when we started Totem a goal of ours was to eventually be purchasing and building relationships directly with the farmers, producers and communities from around the world ourselves.  Through the beautiful and exciting small world of coffee and coffee lovers, we have made a connection with the producers of Fazenda Santa Luzia from the Cerrado Mineiro region, and are expecting our first shipment of Fully Natural Processed Yellow Bourbon from them this week.  Special thanks to Dani Goot at Bellwether Coffee, and Ronaldo Azzi at Our Coffee.

#2-That all being said we are also in the process of working directly with some farms in Guatemala, which we hope to be bringing on soon.  Keep your ear to the ground.

#3 Along with our new arrivals this week, we are adding a new origin to our line up, that we are very excited about.  Along with some of our usual suspects; Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil we are adding a coffee from the Democratic republic of Congo!  So stay tuned, swing by, email (www.totemroast@gmail.com) call, or check out our website www.totemcoffeeroasters.com  for our new offerings.

Many Thanks, and Blessings to the New Year,


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  1. how about the ye old guys skate club?

    where and when can i attend?

    i could host; in camino i have a 1/2 pipe, 1/4 pipe and i live right across the street from camino school

    1. Dang Chuck, I just got this, sorry. Sounds like you’ve got a sweet set up. I’ll let my friend Grayson know and maybe next time we get together we’ll hit you up. email me your phone number at info@totemcoffeeroasters.com and I’ll text you.