New Arrivals
March 9, 2016

Check out these new beans!!!

  • *NEW* Organic Ethiopia from the Techo Co-op in the Limu Inara Zone.  -Wet Processed-Heirloom Varietals-Light Roast
  • *NEW* Organic Colombia Tomia Excelso
    from the town of Planadas in the Tolima Department of western Colombia -Wet Processed-Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra,Typica- ele.>5,000 ft-Medium Roast-
  • *NEW* S.W.P. De-caf Tanzania from the town of Lyula -Wet Processed-Medium Roast
  • Guatemala A micro-lot blend from Michicoy in the Huehuetenango district of Western Guatemala SHB-Wet Processed-Bourbon, Caturra, Typica-Medium Dark Roast, frequently used in house as our single origin espresso.
  • Brazil Alta Mogiana region in South Eastern  Brazil-Pulp Natural-Medium roast.


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